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Our hair butter is designed to promote healthy hair growth, strength, and repair. It is used for detangling, softening, reducing the look of split ends, eliminating frizzy hair, restoring moisture to dry hair, and encouraging new hair growth on bald spots.
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Braid-out bundle for super moisturized hair

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Have you been trying to rock your braid-out and twist-out but they never stay moisturized? We can totally relate this is why we have put together this amazing bundle that will help with retaining the moisture in the hair for a maximum of 5 days.

Using our wild hair growth oil this will improve scalp health and promote faster hair growth. This hair growth for women, men and kids. 

To benefit the most from this bundle follow these steps

1- Apply the moisturizer

2- Seal with butter

3- Apply oil to the scalp.

Sleep with a silk bonnet at night this will also ensure that the moisture stays in the hair for much longer.