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Hair growth oil with ayurvedic herbs

Hair growth oil with ayurvedic herbs

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Ayurvedic hair growth oils have been very popular in the natural hair community, many have claimed that using oils with herbal ingredients works better and faster when it comes to growing their hair healthy. Hair growth oil with ayurvedic herbs. Our ayurvedic hair growth oil contains 8 different herbs each target a specific area of the hair and scalp.

Benefits: Improves blood circulation under the scalp while nourishing the hair follicles, this oil also has the ability to strengthen the hair from the roots, penetrating the hair strand improving hair health, preventing shedding and breakage. also perfect for growing back thinning hair and bald spots. Hair growth oil with ayurvedic herbs

Ayurvedic hair growth oil: Grapeseed oil, avocado oil, castor oil, horsetail, burdock root, amla, Brahmi, moringa, hibiscus, rosemary, fenugreek, tea tree, peppermint oil.

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