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Clove and Fenugreek hair growth stimulator

Clove and Fenugreek hair growth stimulator

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Clove and fenugreek hair growth stimulator to promote healthy hair growth. Stimulates the scalp, regulates sebum production and helps prevent dandruff in the process.


Clove is a well known natural ingredient that stimulates hair grow, preventing dandruff and dryness.

Helps reducing hair fall, promoting hair growth and helps with dandruff control.

 Fenugreek hair growth stimulator will help nourish, strengthen and stimulate your hair follicles. The ultra-moisturizing formula delivers essential nutrients for healthy scalp and hair growth.

This herbal hair growth stimulator contains fenugreek and other natural extracts to promote hair growth, as well as nourishing vitamins & minerals such as biotin, zinc and other B vitamins that are known to promote healthier hair. The gentle formula is safe for all skin types and helps prevent further damage from dandruff & irritation.

This will help your hair to grow faster and thicker. It help to stimulate healthy scalp and aid the growth of new hair by acting as a natural nourishing conditioner.

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