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It is important for the health of your hair to eliminate it before breakage completely ruins your good hair days and the length retention goals. This bundle will help you achieve that healthy & moisturized positive hair experience that you deserve.

 Keep your hair healthy, moisturized, and full of shine with this bundle of hydration goodness! Use the deep conditioner for weekly or biweekly treatments to strengthen your hair, providing a solid base for healthy growth. natural hair care is essential to problems like breakage and dryness. 

Try the banana and mango hair r for daily moisture. Its light, creamy formula absorbs quickly, leaving no sticky residue behind - just a wonderfully soft and smooth feel. A touch of our nourishing sealing butter aids in sealing in that moisture! The result: bouncy, hydrated hair that won't frizz.


Apple cider vinegar sulfate free shampoo

Slippery elm bark deep conditioner

Banana and Mango hair moisturizer

Caster oil growth butter.